The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music manages the music center in cooperation with the President Putin Palestinian Organization. The center seeks to develop the Palestinian cultural and musical landscapes. These two elements are critical in building an intellectual infrastructure for cultural development and exchange. The Tchaikovsky school of music has been established at the music center to train promising musicians.
The school accepts students from age 5 and above, and has a typical scholastic year that begins in September and ends in May of each year. The center has a great number of music classrooms that vary in size and equipment that provide space for groups and individuals to practice and perform a wide-ranging variety of music.

The school provides the following programs and academic tracks

  • Music Garden:

    is a children’s program targeting ages 5-6. The program consists of two sections, the first is Buds’ Garden for preschoolers, the second is Flowers’ Garden for first grader students.

  • Musical Activity:

    In this program, students can join musical activities such as choirs or percussion bands, and other non-academic programs. These activities are performed in groups.

  • Amateur Program:

    Targeting students who wish to learn how to play a single musical instrument, without having to to enroll in a general music program. Students can also enroll in special group courses that have no prerequisites.

  • Systematic Program:

    For students who desire to join an integrative musical program. In this program, students learn how to play a musical instrument, study music theory, aural skills, and perform in music ensembles. Students sit for examinations both for practical musical performance and music theory, and receive certificates upon successful completion of this program.